Coaches Should Be Lifelong Students of the Game
Posted Feb 3, 2015

Coaches should always strive to improve themselves.  Taking the time to continue your coaching education will only help you as a coach, but it will help the development of your players.  Taking and replicating a session from Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola does not make you a great coach.  Coaching is knowing how and when to make corrections in an activity. 

NJ Youth Soccer has a lot of coaching offerings.  Let's make it a goal to take another course or even have your club host a course.  For more information on what NJYS has to offer click the link below.

NJYS Education



Twitter is an excellent resource for coaching education.  Coaches may share training sessions or have good discussions on their sessions or coaching in general.  Some good people/groups to follow are:

@SoccerByOSM                @APDFootball            @Inspirethegame            @BeastModeSoccer            @WayneHarrison9

@SSPlanner           @WCLASSCOACHING       @FFTPerformance       @CoachingManual       @coerveralf


Share A Session

I would like to use this page as a place to share a training session with fellow coaches.  Please send me a diagram of your sessions and I will post it.  Don't worry if you don't have access to software which can print your session plans.  I can take care of it for you.  Send sessions to and please put share a session in the subject.

Here is one of my sessions, enjoy

Speed of Play