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South Jersey

Soccer League

Missed Meetings 2019

December 2019

Atlantic United, Berlin, Cape Express, Cohansey, Edgewater Park, Florence, Haddon Heights, Harrison, Logan, Mainland, Pennsville, Pittsgrove, South Harrison, Upper Township, Woodbury

October 2019

Atlantic United, Cherry Hill SC, Cohansey, Collingswood, Franklin Twp, Gateway, Logan, Pennsgrove, So Harrison, Woodbury, Woodstown

June 2019

Cape Express, Cohansey, Deptford, East Greenwich, Edgewater Park, Franklin Twp, Mainland United, South Harrison, Upper Twp, Washington Twp, Woodbury


May 2019

Absecon, BCSA, Edgewater, Franklin, Indian Mills, LAC, Logan, Monroe, Pennsville, Upper Twp

February 2019

Gloucester County Union, Hamilton Elite, LAC, Millville, Pitman, Runnemede, South Harrison and Seneca

Missed Meetings 2018

December 2018

Cape Express, Clayton, Cohansey, Collingswood, Gateway, Haddonfield, Hamilton Elite, Hammonton, Indian Mills, LAC, Medford, Pennsauken, Swedesboro-Woolwich, Upper Township and West Deptford

October 2018

Atlantic United, Cohansey, Franklin Township, Hamilton Elite, Mainland United, Millville, Pennsville, Pittsgrove, Westmont

June 2018

Delran, Indian Mills, Millville

May 2018

Chery Hill SC, Cinnaminson, Glassboro, Hammonton Youth, Mainland, Swedesboro-Woolwich, West Deptford

April 2018

Atlantic, Cape, CHSC, CHFC, Glassboro, Haddonfield, Mainland, S Harrison, Tarkill, Westmont, Woodbury and Waterford

February 2018

Absecon, Barrington, Berlin, Bordentown, Collingswood, Deptford, Franklin, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, Hammonton Youth, Indian Mills, Logan, Mantua, Millville, Monroe, Northern Burlington, Pennsville, Pittsgrove, Seneca, Voorhees, Westmont

Missed Meetings 2017

October 2017

Cape Express, Deptford, Hamilton Elite, Millville, Pennsville, Pittsgrove

June 2017

Gloucester County Union, Hamilton Elite, Indian Mills, South Harrison, Seneca, Tarkill

May 2017

Gloucester County Union, Harrison 

February 2017

Audubon, Cape Express, Egg Harbor, Tarkill, Upper Twp.


Missed Meetings 2016

December 2016

Egg Harbor, Millville

October 2016

Indian Mills, Maple Shade, Moorestown, Seneca, Vineland

June 2016

Barrington, Cape Express, Edgewater Park, Franklin Twp, Indian Mills, Mainland, Penns Grove, Runnemede, Tarkill, Upper Twp

May 2016

Cherr y Hill FC, East Greenwich,Glassboro, Indian Mills, Mainland, Mt. Laurel, Pennsauken, Pittsgrove, Runnemede, Seneca, Tar Kill, Upper Twp, Westmont, Winslow, Woodbury

March 2016

Clayton, LAC, Mullica Rec. 


Missed Meetings 2015

December 2015

Burlington Twp, Delran, Hamilton North, Indian Mills

June 2015

Runnemede, Waterford

May 2015

Bordentown, Cape Express, Hamilton N, Mainland, Millville, Waterford, Woodstown

March 2015

Indian Mills, Mainland, Voorhees


Missed Meetings 2014

December 2014

Gloucester County Union

October 2014

Clayton, Elk, Haddonfield, Winslow, Woodstown

June 2014

Hamilton (North), Runnemede

May 2014

Senaca, Upper Twp

March 2014

Barrington, Cape Express, Delran SC, East Greenwich, Gloucester Cty Union, Hamilton North, Penns Grove, Rage Premier, Runnemede, Voorhees

January 2014



Missed Meetings 2013

December 2013

Clayton, Egg Harbor, Hamilton South

October 2013

Clayton, East Greenwich, Hamilton North, Harrison, Mannington, Pemberton, Winslow

June 2013

Cape Express, Clayton, Cohansey, Egg Harbor, Elk, Hammonton Youth, LAC, Mt Laurel, Pemberton, Pittsgrove, Vineland, Voorhees, Waterford

May 2013

East Greenwich, Mannington, Woodbury Heights

April 2013



Missed Meetings 2012

December 2012

Bordentown, Edgewater Park, Indian Mills

September 2012

Hainesport, Indian Mills, Mannington, MLU, TBAA, Winslow, & Woodstown

June 2012

Barrington, Cape Express, Glassboro, Indian Mills, Mainland, Medford, Millville, 
Monroe, NJ Rush, Rage SC, Washington Twp, Waterford, Westville, & Woodbury

May 2012

Glassboro, Hainesport, Indian Mills, LAC, Mainland, Millville, Westville, & Woodbury

March 2012

Berlin Twp, CHFC, Cinnaminson, Clayton, Delran SC, East Greenwich, Elk Twp, Franklin Twp, 
Glassboro, Haddonfield, Hainesport, Hamilton SC (North), Hammonton Youth, Indian Mills, LAC, 
Lumberton, Mannington, Mantua, Maple Shade, Marlton, Medford, Millville, MLU, Northern Burlington, 
Pal-Riv, Pemberton, PYAA, Rage FC, Upper Twp, Waterford, Westmont, Westville, Woodbury, & Woodbury Heights


Club Meeting Attendance

2003. Meeting Attendance and Voting.
a. Every club is required to be properly represented at every general membership meeting
during the seasonal year. Clubs not represented shall be fined $50.00 for the first offense and
$100.00 for each additional offense. The club rep and president shall appear before the general
membership and meet with the Executive Board for the third offense, and every team in the club
shall forfeit three (3) pts in the standings for the fourth offense or a failure to meet the
obligations of the third offense. The 3 pt penalty shall go into effective immediately if the fourth
offense occurs during an uncompleted season. If the fourth offense occurs between seasons, the
penalty will be assessed against all teams playing for that club in the next immediate season. See
also Rule 7008.
b. Should a Club miss two (2) consecutive meetings, its voting privileges shall be suspended
until the club has been represented at two (2) consecutive meetings.
c. If a club misses three (3) general membership meetings over the course of the last twelve
(12) months, they shall be declared ineligible for play in the next immediate playing season and
shall be required to appear before the Executive Board for review.
d. If a club misses all of the general membership meetings in a seasonal year or has not
registered a team with the league during the seasonal year, that club shall be removed from the
league by Executive Board decree.
e. If a club fails to have a representative present at a registration meeting or league meeting
designated by the League as "mandatory", the club will be fined $250.00 for each offense in lieu
of the otherwise applicable subsection (a) fine. Point penalties that are applicable in subsection
(a) will remain in effect.
f. Votes may only be cast by the officially recognized Club Representative, Alternate Club
Representative or Club President as identified by the Club and disclosed to the League at least
fourteen (14) days before the vote in question.