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Rd 3 Games Scheduled -3/30 Decision 4/3/14

The SJSL has decided to play all games scheduled for 3/30 (RD3) that were rained out. The following procedure will be used.

  • All Rd 3 games from 3/30 will be played as rescheduled games.
  • Rd 3 games will not be assigned a specific day to play. This permits teams who plan to play in tournaments after the normal end of the spring season to participate in those tournaments.
  • The season will be extended until June 8th, 2014 to provide time for these games to be played. All Rd 3 games are expected to be played.
  • All Rd 3 games maybe reschedule any day between now and June 8th using the standard rescheduling procedure already in place however any Rd 3 game rescheduled for after May 5 must report the date of reschedule to the appropriate games commish by May 4th. Example: you reschedule to play rd 3 game on June 6th. You must notify Games commish by May 4th of this reschedule. This applies for Rd 3 games only.
  • This gives everyone a month to complete this process. Teams failing to complete this process may be subject to regular league sanctions.
  • Clubs are responsible to assure their teams have rescheduled their games by the deadline.
  • If teams are having a problem with opponents not responding, your club rep must notify the appropriate games commish by the deadline. DO NOT wait until the last minute to do so.
  • Clubs should try to group as many games as possible.
  • We know many single games will be created and that is OK. Contact your commish if help is needed.
  • If any future Rd is shutdown by SJSL, it will not be made up.
  • The remaining SJSL schedule will not change.

Thanks to everyone for working together through this unusual spring season.

Larry Young
SJSL President

SJSL Closed Fields

SJSL Closed Fields

Below is a list of closed fields for Week #5 SPRING 2014.



2013 Fall Sportsmanship Awards
The South Jersey Soccer Leauge would like to congratulate the
2013 Fall Sportsmanship Winners.
2014 Spring Info


Spring 2014 season will start with on 3/16/14. New Schedules posted. UPDATED (03/02/14)

03/12/14 - U10 Update
03/06/14 - D1/D2 Update
03/02/14 - New Schedules and Home Fields Schedules Posted

2014 Spring Games Commissioner Guidelines

2014 Spring Games Commissioner Guidelines

Key Dates

03/09/14 - NO GAMES
03/16/14 - Round 1 Games
03/23/14 - Round 2 Games
03/30/14 - Round 3 Games
04/06/14 - Round 4 Games
04/13/14 - Round 5 Games
04/20/14 - NO GAMES - Easter
04/27/14 - Round 6 Games
05/04/14 - Round 7 Games
05/11/14 - Round 8 Games
05/18/14 - Round 9 Games
2014 U11 Fall 8V8

U11 Small-sided Decision

Here is the info concerning the decision to have all U11 teams play 8v8 starting in Fall 2014.
U11 2014 Policy

Field Layout:  8v8(Revised 12/06/13)
2013 Fall Flight Winners

2013 Fall Champions


There will NOT be a SJSL Select program for Summer 2014.

SJSL PLAYING UP Rules SJSL PLAYING UP Rules & Recommendations - HERE

This policy is in effect for the 2013 Fall Season.
SJSL Score Reporting Score Reporting is done through Using Your Head.

It is each team's responsibility to report their scores by 12:00 noon the following day.
SJSL Lightning Policy
Lightning/Thunder Policy
Concussion Awareness

The Legislature of the State of New Jersey passed a bill to raise the awareness of concussions amongst youth athletes. This bill requires coaches to have head injury safety training to help in the recognition of concussions.

Concussion Awareness - HERE

More Concussion Safety Info

Cooper Bone & Joint Institute Sports Medicine ExpertsOffer ImPACT Baseline Testing

With concussion injuries on the rise, the Boneand Joint Institute is offering the ImPACT(Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment andCognitive Testing) Baseline Testing to local youth athletes.

TOPSoccer® (The Outreach Program for Soccer) US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer® (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with special needs, organized by youth soccer association volunteers. The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl who has a mental or physical disability. Our goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to become valued active members of the US Youth Soccer family.

Some SJSL clubs have TOPSoccer programs - TOPSoccer® (The Outreach Program for Soccer)
Got Soccer Support Got Soccer
Got Soccer Support

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