Game Card Instructions
Posted Feb 20, 2018

To All Referees:
As many of you are already doing, the SJSL preferred way of submitting GDR's is with a scan. That scan should be in pdf format only. Other formats are not able to be downloaded and saved efficiently. So as we approach the upcoming spring season, we would like to limit the amount of GDRs that are sent through regular mail. Please make an attempt to scan all reports within a few days following the date of the game. Grievance representatives that handle the various age groups have their emails listed on all reports. Of course, all collected player and coaches passes should be mailed promptly and accordingly.
When emailing please name the pdf the following way ie. "U14_Moorestown@Marlton".  By scanning and naming the files this way, you will be greatly assisting us to record and track all violations, grievance issues and resolve any disputes in a much more timely and efficient manor.
Thanks again for all your effort and have a great Spring Season!

Tom Olbrich
Grievance Chairperson