Past SJSL Champions

The PAST Champions for all flights from U11 through U19 are celebrated here.  

The Division I and II Champions (U15-U19) will be listed in one file.  

The U11 through U14 Champions will be listed by Class (age group according to NJYS) and broken down by flight and age level going from U14 back to U11.  For example, the current U11 class is known as Class 2003.  They include players from Aug. 1, 2003 to July 31, 2004. The Class of 1999 includes players with birth dates between Aug. 1, 1999 and July 31, 2000.  They played U14 in the Spring of 2014 and back to U11 in the Fall of 2010.  All past champions are listed.

As older records are converted, champions from further years back will be included.

Congratulations to ALL teams!

Div I and II   (U15-19 2004-2014)

Class of 2003  (Teams with players born 8/1/2003 to 7/31/2004)

Class of 2002  (Teams with players born 8/1/2002 to 7/31/2003)

Class of 2001  (Teams with players born 8/1/2001 to 7/31/2002)

Class of 2000  (Teams with players born 8/1/2000 to 7/31/2001)

Class of 1999  (Teams with players born 8/1/1999 to 7/31/2000)

Class of 1998  (Teams with players born 8/1/1998 to 7/31/1999)

Class of 1997  (Teams with players born 8/1/1997 to 7/31/1998)