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SJSL Referee Assigning Process

Referee Assigning Process

Referees are independent contractors, working directly for the assignors and will be assigned all games, as needed, electronically through Arbiter.

SJSL uses multiple assignors based upon location of the sites and the season/age group.  See Assignor Areas.

SJSL requires all assigned referees to confirm their assignment with the home site club rep, as listed in Arbiter. This confirmation can be done either by telephone or email. During the season, there are multiple site changes - please do not assume the site information listed in Arbiter is correct... CONFIRM.

Assignors require all referees to maintain their availability and contact information in Arbiter. You must constantly block the Sunday or Saturday dates you can not referee. Referees that constantly turn back assignments because they do block dates will be removed from the SJSL Arbiter system. Once you receive assignments from Arbiter, you will be required to log into Arbiter to view your assignments. This will automatically show that you accepted your assignments. You do not have the option to refuse assignments in Arbiter. You must communicate directly with your assignor for any turn-backs.

Questions regarding Arbiter are to be directed to your local assignor.

NEW REFS – go to New Referee tab and submit the form.

New Referee Information

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