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Remember to include the players' US Club #s when you create your event rosters!

2023 SJSL Winter Cup

SJSL is proud to announce the 2023 SJSL Winter Cup!

The SJSL Winter Cup is open to Boys and Girls teams. Games will be played at Deptford, West Deptford and additional sites as needed.

Cup information can be found HERE

Registration is $150 per team, team pays the referee fees.

Register your team HERE

View Applied Teams

Fall 2023 Season Information

Fall 2023 General Membership Meeting

Scheduled for Thursday 10/19/2023 8PM. Zoom invite HERE.

Roll Call HERE.

Membership Vote HERE.

Fall 2023 Coaches Meeting

Find the Fall 2023 Google Slides HERE.

Fall 2023 Schedule

The Fall 2023 Schedule is published HERE.

For any and all schedule related questions, please e-mail [email protected].

Fall 2023 Accepted Teams

Teams registered for the Fall 2023 season can be viewed HERE.

Coaching Education for Fall 2023

For new coaches, find Coaching Education courses HERE.

Match Card Quick Reference

Common instructionals for GotSport platform changes for Match Cards (formerly known as the Game Day Report or GDR) Additional GotSport Resources are HERE.

League Notices

League Communication Policy

League communications to Member clubs are sent using the Communication feature in GotSport.
  • For Member related communications, e-mails are sent to Club users with the title of President, Vice-President and Administrator.
  • For Team related communications, e-mails are sent to Team Coaches and Managers on the Team Roster in GotSport AND Club users with the title of President, Vice-President and Administrator.
SJSL does not maintain a database of contacts and is not responsible for the management of user accounts in the GotSport Club. However, please contact admini[email protected] if you need assistance with any GotSport issue.

Cold Weather Guidelines

For cold weather Guidelines please use this link.


Fall 2023 Club Invoices

Upcoming Dates

GotSoccer / US Club

GotSoccer / U.S. Club Onboarding Schedule and Resources

Details for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 training are posted HERE, including live event registrations, pre-recorded classes and onboarding resources.

Field Closings

Inclement weather policy.

Click here to report your field closing.

Click here to see the current list of closed fields.

Ref Evals

Referee evaluations have been voluntary since the Fall 2019 season. If you want to recognize a good referee or identify problem areas, please complete this form to bring it to the league's attention.