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South Jersey

Soccer League

Rules / Forms / Policies

Below are copies of the SJSL Constitution, the league Rules & Regulations, and the most commonly used forms and general information utilized by the league.

The SJSL Constitution and Rules & Regulations posted may not contain the most recent changes as approved by either the SJSL membership or the SJSL Executive Board and documented in the meeting minutes. If you have questions, please verify with the SJSL Executive Board.

Rules & Regulations (last updated 10/19/23 - formatting, e-mail removed)

SJSL Constitution (last updated 6/18/2020)

General Information Forms/Info:




Player Movement Rules (Add/Transfer/Release/Disband)

Lightning/Thunder Policy

Fact Sheet

7v7 Rules

Clubs Seeking Entry into SJSL

2019-2020 Ref Fees

Build Out Line Guidelines

Transfer Window Policy

SJSL Reference Manual

7v7 Plus (U15+ High School) Rules

U15 Administrative Team Policy

Arbiter Responsibilities and Info

USSF Age Groups

Restriction on Small Sided U8-U10 Promotion

Field Layouts


Playing Up Rules

Verbal Abuse Policy

FIFA LOTG 2023-24

Small Sided Goal Policy

FIFA LOTG Changes 2023-24

FIFA LOTG 2018-2019

FIFA LOTG Changes 2018-2019

FIFA LOTG 2017-2018

FIFA LOTG 2016-2017

FIFA LOTG Changes 2016-2017-