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South Jersey

Soccer League

Collected below are some of the more commonly used step-by-step instructions (with screen shots) for actions taken in GotSoccer and in US Club.


   Adding a Coach to a Team

   Registering for League Play

   Adding a Player or Coach to Your Roster

   Printing GDRs


   New training links and videos

   Getting Started with the National Registration System

   How to Grant Admin Permission in the National Registration System

   Sports Engine Various Instructions:

      How to Check if a User Does Not Meet the Established Rules or Warnings of US Club

      How to Purchase a Membership for a Team

     How to Transfer Players to Another Team [CSV Upload & Manual Addition]

     How to Add a Player to Another Team [CSV Upload & Manual Addition]

     How to Upload Proof of Birth

     How to Send Eligibility Reminders

     How to Print Cards

     How to Export a List of Players and Staff

    How to Print Rosters

    How to Purchase Memberships

    How to View a Team's League Association Status

    How to Update Teams and People [SE Sync]

    How to Submit a Completed Roster to US Club Soccer - National Registration System

    What Happens When Users Do Not Meet the Established Violations or Warnings of US Club?