US Club registration requires the completion of a Youth Player Registration Form & Medical Treatment Authorization Form (which must be kept for 5 yrs). For teams playing in SJSL, player pass fees will be $15 per player for the 2019-20 seasonal year.

To be carded as a coach, coaches must complete the US Club “Sideline Sports Doc” online safety training course ($5), submit a Background Screening Application ($18), and then request a Staff Card ($25). So the practical cost will be $48, however, staff/coach passes are good for 2 yrs. In addition, beginning July 1, 2018, in conjunction with recent federal legislation, US Club will also require coaches to complete free online training which consists of three modules covering the following subjects: sexual abuse, hazing, bullying, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, harassment (non-sexual) as well as reporting obligations.

Once teams register with the league “event” through GotSoccer, team roster size limitations and playing up restrictions will come into play.

All carding applications will go through US Club Soccer. The league will not be involved in the carding process and will have no ability to go in and modify or approve applications. US Club has a paid staff to handle all player and coach registrations.

All transfers, with respect to carding, also go through US Club. Players transferring from one team to another team within the same club are not considered to be transfer players by US Club. Following current practice, SJSL will continue to restrict transfers within a club to only once during the seasonal year. A team attempting to card a player that is already carded to play on another team in SJSL will not be permitted to print the new card. The first team will be contacted by US Club to release the player, and if released, the new card will be approved. If the team/club fails to respond to the release request, US Club will release the player to the new club to minimize the number of games that the player misses.

Once the player is carded to the new team, the team must contact the League Registrar to unfreeze the league roster so that the player can be added to the league event and play in league games.