Common Problem Areas

Some Common problem areas include:

Coach Licenses – ALL coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, team managers and any other staff on the players’ side of the field must by properly licensed and that license MUST be uploaded to the league website.  See under the Coach Resources and Coaching Education for the licenses accepted, and on the Home Page for instructions on uploading your license.

Team names – Team names should display the club name, the team name and the birth year of the oldest player on the team.  For example:  Manchester Red Devils 2012.  Do not write the club name a second time in the team name box (ie. Manchester Manchester Red Devils 2012).  The birth year should not include a dash ( – ), quotation marks ( ” “), or parentheticals (  ).

Missing Coaches – coaches must be added by the club admin and assigned to that event.  Only 3 coaches and a manager will appear on the GDR.

Player ID number errors

Sometimes your GDRs will display the wrong pass number (ie. a USYS/NJYS # instead of the correct US Club #).

If your players are only carded with US Club/SJSL passes, then you can enter the same US Club # in both boxes (Player ID # and US Club #), and they will carry over to your roster without any errors.

Some players are carded with both USYS/NJYS passes US Club/SJSL passes.  If so, you should enter the USYS # in the Player ID box and the US Club # in the US Club box.  Then, under the appropriate event registration in the team account, you would need to change the Player ID Numbers box from “Default” to “US Club”.  The Default setting pulls from the Player ID box and the US Club setting pulls from the US Club # box.

If you put the US Club # in both spots, you don’t have to change the setting from Default, since the numbers are the same in both places.